November 16, 2016              

During the evening hours of Wednesday, November 16 2016, Yardi will release an update to certain Store products. Please take a moment to become familiar with the changes.



This release addresses minor issues with the Store application and Store Reports portal as well as other changes and enhancements as detailed below:  (Note: Most users will need to manually enter their Store username the first time when logging in to the system after performing the update.)  

Correspondence: Addressed several minor defects. Corrected display error for certified letters. Added new flex field for services charges. Added logic to invoice to denote at least one unit is signed up for AutoPay. Added new flex field to denote tenant's insurance cancellation days value.  

AutoPay: Store users can now print the AutoPay Responses export.

Competitors: Addressed several minor defects.

Transfer: Corrected sales tax exempt credit issue.

eStore: Modifications made to payment confirmation logic. 

Retail Refunds: Denied retail refunds are now posted to the Retail Refund Retained GL account. Users can now process retail returns when using external credit card processing.

Auction: Added unit number to auction buyer receipt. Corrected receipt generated for "Not Sold - Terminated" units.

Task List: Corrected defect with recurring tasks.

Reservations: Minor fixes and adjustments. Added the ability to accept a reservation deposit for soft reservations. 

Site Map: Fixed search issue.

Store Web Services: New Store Web Services added: GetDocusignLease, GetInsCancelWarningLetterInfo. The following Store Web Services were modified: RentalActivity, WalkThruList, MiniKeyStats, GetDataView, GetAuctions, GetSiteUnitDataV2, GetAvailableDiscounts







For customers using the OpenEdge credit card gateway, EMV functionality is now available. Yardi is in the process of working with ADDITIONAL credit card gateway vendors for EMV processing capabilities. at this time there is no definite go live date.


Be advised that the modifications and updates to the Store application and associated services will continue to be subjected to regressive quality and functional validation. Yardi Systems, Inc. reserves the right to delay or postpone the scheduled release of these modifications should any unexpected conditions be encountered prior to or immediately following the release. If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact your Yardi Account Manager or the Yardi Storage Helpdesk.



Yardi maintains Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with our customers that require at least 99.5% uptime on our web servers.  This ensures that our self storage software and the data that powers it are available to you around the clock, whenever you need it. 

Database:  SLC


Database: CS10


Database: CS20



For more information regarding our systems availability, contact







What does this mean? 

Yardi utilizes a third party service (NewRelic) to continually monitor the availability of our systems, measuring the response time of every request made on our servers.   




Why isn't it always 100% ? 

Every request on our servers is analyzed for several factors, not just including response time. Additionally, each server is checked several times per minute throughout the month for general availability.

Occasionally there is a brief outage on our side that our techs quickly diagnose and remedy, but more often there are issues with external service providers somewhere within the vast network we know as the Internet. We strive for perfection (and often we achieve it) but there are often factors that lie beyond our control.



Why is there more than one server?

Yardi self storage software and data are hosted in multiple locations and multiple servers.  This helps to better protect your data and increase performance. Contact Yardi to find out which server hosts your company's data.