To register, click the 'Register' link below for this course, then follow the on-screen instructions. At the Live Web Training course time, you will open your web browser to the link provided which will let you see the instructor's screen and use your phone to call into the telephone number provided to hear the instructor, and later in the session, have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Keep in mind the following:
1. All dates/time are subject to change. 
2. All times listed are Mountain Time.
3. Minimum class size requirement of 5 - if the class size requirement is not met the class may be subject to cancellation 24 hours prior to the class time.  
4. Make sure to register for both parts of the course. (if applicable)

Course Description:

The Store Site Manager Quick Start course will cover a handful of topics that Site Managers need to know during the first week of operation.  It is very high level and does not fully train you on all aspects of the Store software.  

For an in-depth training session for Site Managers, register and complete Store Training - Site Manager Basics Part 1 & 2 courses.

Quick Start Topics:

How do I....

  •      take a payment
  •      move a customer in
  •      transfer a customer to another unit
  •      move a customer out
  •      change customer information
  •      update or add autopay
  •      update or change a gate pin
  •      add a fee or void/waive a fee
  •      add a manager credit
  •      reconcile my cash drawer
  •      print my letters
  •      view/print reports

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