Recently, I had read an article by Brian Kelly about the courage to live your dream life.  I thought it had a good message so I have included it in this post. 

What have you always dreamed of becoming? What feelings come up for you when you dream about the life you have always wanted? We’ve all done it. Ever since we were children, whether prompted by curious family members or friends, we have always entertained the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

How many of us are truly living our authentic, dream life? If you are among those who are not, what is stopping you from creating that life?

For many of us life’s circumstances create a reality where we make choices not aligned to our dream life. We become afraid of change and get comfortable living with the status quo, rather than honoring our dreams for our one life. Fear and self-doubt become our captains rather than ambition and faith. We get off-course from our factory-default settings and wonder in adult life, “How did I end up here?” What happened?

We begin our life as curious, happy, imaginative, wonderful human beings. We observe, we listen, we interact, and we form a connection with others. We explore our curiosity, learn, and imagine endless possibilities. We build awareness, knowledge, and skills that shape our choices of the activities we enjoy and pursue. Yet, somewhere along the way, we lose touch with the joyful exuberance, wonder, and innocence of youth, and become unintended versions of ourselves. We make choices disconnected from our authentic selves, so enveloped in who we have become, we fail to connect with who we are, and to believe in who we can become.

If you find yourself in this place, how do you affect the change you want for your life? You start with acceptance without judgment. Acceptance of oneself, any lingering issues or thought habits from your past that are not serving you, and acceptance of each person, for the unique gift he or she is, without judgment. From this place of acceptance, you can become the person you want to be. You can create the future you want for yourself. You can foster the relationships you want in your life.

Are choices that you make to live today and every tomorrow in alignment with your dreams? Will you commit to doing the work required to realize the change you desire? The journey will be challenging. Meaningful change usually is. Ask yourself, “Isn’t your one and only life worth living on your terms?”

Will you continue to give credence to your inner voice telling you all the reasons why it’s not possible, or will you ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make this happen?” “Can I really do it?” The answer is: Yes, You Can!