These days technology changes at an exponential rate, particularly in the software industry. Keeping up can be a real challenge especially since most of us all already have a full plate but we can’t discount the fact that training is hugely important, not only to stay on top of  endless new technologies, but also for personal development and satisfaction.

Training comes in handy to get a jump on new technologies and become comfortable with them. One of the main benefits of training is that the student will be able to focus on learning a specific topic.  Since we live in a busy world and time is hard to come by, if you don't have the appropriate training, you may end up doing things in a non-ideal way and never really grasp the complete concept.

Here are some of the personal benefits of training:

  • Staying current with updates and best practices
  • Cutting time in the learning process
  • Learning from real-world examples
  • Increasing your productivity at work by applying the learned principles

When it comes to training, however, you aren’t the only one who needs to be convinced. The benefits of training aren’t limited to just you – there are plenty of ways the company will gain from sending their employees to training as well.

Here are some of the benefits the company will see:

  • Dramatically reduced ramp up time
  • Increased productivity by the employee
  • Defined training curriculum with a mix of lecture and hands-on labs/exercises
  • Customizable training classes that can be tailored to your company's training goals